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5-Blades Herb Scissors

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5-Blades Herb Scissors
5-Blades Herb Scissors 5-Blades Herb Scissors 5-Blades Herb Scissors
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Measurement: 19*1.7.5*7.5cm

Material: Stainless Steel body and Plastic handle
Packaging: Opp Bag

✔ Five Blade Herb Scissors Multi Blade - far better and easier chopping than using a single blade or 3 blade scissors!
✔ These special herb scissors, with their 5 parallel blades, simply makes chopping and cutting herbs easy!
✔ You can cut chives, parsley, & other herbs evenly, without crushing them
✔ Chop Herbs Easily with Five-Blade Scissors
✔ Quickly chop herbs without bruising or tearing
✔ Spring mechanism makes scissors almost effortless to use
✔ Easy clean-up; no cutting board to wash
✔ Prepare herbs for cooking and create pretty garnishes in seconds with these five-blade scissors.
✔ Quickly cuts herbs into thin strips (sometimes called chiffonades).
✔ Stainless steel blades cut cleanly, without tearing or bruising delicate leaves.
✔ A spring mechanism makes cutting effortless.
✔ An herb stripper in the blade removes leaves from woody herb stems like rosemary or thyme.

Note: Handle may comes in different colours

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